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Qui est-elle?

Marlies Woltjer graduated in 1997 at the Rietveld academy, Amsterdam, in fashion design. Born in the Noordoostpolder (1972) - Emm eloord - and living her life in Amsterdam for about 17 years now. She combines her business with the two most sweet and loveable kids of the whole wide world.

What the gal's been up to

She works from 1997 until 1999 as a freelance fashion designer and stylist for commercials. In 2001 she starts Lilla Design, which includes illustration: fashion illustration, cartoons and painting. In 2007 she adds graphic design to her qualities; she designs patterns, labels, posters, novel covers, etc. Her graphic design deviates from the 'usual' by working in an illustrative, spherical style; because of the strong present of the illustrative element, she defines her style 'graphic illustrative design'.

And if there's nothing else to do, she's also starting a goldsmith training in 2007. Ofcourse the love for fashion/textile design itches again: in 2009 she designs accessories, like bags, jewelry and tabliers (wine bottle aprins).

And LiLLa Design?

The style of LiLLa Design is best described as "less is more", where exuberence pops up during the proces of design, an immediately pruning will take place, to create the magical tension between shape, colour and text. LiLLa Design prefers not to go for sedate or total hysteria. Other people take care of these characteristics and that's fine. LiLLa Design is averse to trends, she goes her own way. No matter what.

She has improved her graphic design skills at the Grafisch Media Instituut, now known as GMI designschool.

She has been working part time as a secretary for several years, with graphic tasks and gained a lot of experience with writing, editing and text lay out and is currently also - ofcourse - very skilled in office management. A strange, yet a more than occasionaly occuring combination with artists (and very understandable with ascendant in Virgo).

She has skilled her business qualities like PR, negotiation tactics, financial administration, network, etc. the last couple of years at CultuurOndernemen -formerly known as Kunstenaars&Co.

She mastered the fine arts of goldsmittin' at Ateliers 1-1-9 vakschoolEDELSMEDEN.

She sometimes joins a craftsmarket, merchandising her fashion- and design accessories, like the Pure Markt in Amsterdam and the Sunday Market at the Westergasterrein, also in Amsterdam.

Why the french? And in the Dutch website, why 'by the by'? She's not French at all, or English. Nothing like that. She just has a thing for Roman languages, her own language and can't seem to help herself...


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