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LiLLa Design is a wayward design studio in Amsterdam Zuid, doing graphic-illustrative design, such as graphics, calendars, cards, labels, etc. It also does fashion- and interiordesign like jewelry, bags, 'tabliers' (wine bottle aprins) and pillows. LiLLa Design is for everyone; persons, companies, shops, agencies, publishers, etc.

Surf to the LiLLa Shop if you're curious about the LiLLa Design accessories. For graphic-illustrative work you can check out portfolio. You can also find here paintings and drawings, a selection is for sale at
Lilla Shop
The very sweet webshop where all of LiLLa Design -handmade!- products are for sale; original jewelry, chrocheted and knitted bags, tabliers, little pillows, etc. All these products are one of a kind. The tabliers are made in a small amount.

Quickly go to the online shop!

Poopooh oorbellen Tablier Bakkelebob-tasje
Jewelry from €14,95 Tabliers from €16,50 Bags from €18,50

Follow my nonsense stories, for when you just feel like it or if you need a shot of silliness at (dutch)
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'A little doodle here' - impression abstract drawing
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At LiLLa Design studio graphic design and illustration is simple yet playful, like graphics, cartoons, (school)calendars, invitations, cards, stickers, logos, labels and the like.

Humor is a useful tool for us, without much ado. Dry, silly and absurd, that's our thing. If humor's not desirable, we'll drop it without falling apart.

More work: portfolio
More info: prices of mail to

Enzo illustratie Tsjonge illustratie

Redberry schilderij Schilderij 'ui'
Abstract schilderwerk is now for sale at
For more works and drawings go to portfolio click on the category'illustratie abstract'.

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1079 SX Amsterdam
Ph.(+31) (0)6 10 80 44 14


LiLLa Design active at:
Mo/Fr 9.00-14.30
Tu/Th 9.00-17.00

KvK Amsterdam 34330575

All's well that ends well
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